Classified In:Auto Chemistry
Product Brief:
GS480A is a robust and powerful floor-standing chemistry analyzer with constant throughput of 400 tests per hour. It is an ideal product for medium sized laboratories with its high efficiency and excellent performance. The user-friendly software simplifies operation and provides precise and reliable results and comfortable testing experience.

Product Specifications:
Fuly automatic, random access, STAT priority
Constant 400 tests per hour
Maintenance-free grating photometer with 13 wavelengths
90 reagent positions and 105 sample positions
120 reusable reaction cuvettes
2 probes and 2 mixers
8-step auto cuvette wash
Carry-over setup
Abnormal reaction detection
Bi-directional LIS transmission
Renal function
Hepatic function
Cardiac function
Liquid panel
Immuno panel
Pancreatitis panel