Nucleic Acid Extraction
Nucleic Acid Extraction
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Product Brief:

NE48/96 is a fully-auto nucleic acid extraction Instrument.
It is equipped with large touch screen and auto-ultraviolet disinfection module.
With the rapid heating/cooling and excellent extraction performance.
It brings the user-friendly operation and much convenience for the customer. 
Product Specifications:
Principle: Auto magnetic bead extraction
Number of magnetic rod: 48(NE48)/96(NE96)
Screen size: 9.2-inch (NE48), 13.3-inch (NE96)
Dispensing volume: 20-1000ul
Extraction time: 10-30min
Size: 48/96 tests/kit
Sample: Type Whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc
Component: 96-well plate, 8-strip tip comb