Nucleic Acid Extraction
Nucleic Acid Extraction
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Product Brief:
Fully-Auto Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument and Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
Principle: Automatic Magnetic Bead extraction
9.2-inch high resolution color touch screen
Rapid heating minimizes the waiting time of sample processing
Rapid cooling prevents extraction deviation caused by liquid evaporation
Built-in automatic ultraviolet disinfection
Consumable: nucleic acid extraction kit, 8-set magnetic rod cover

Product Specifications:
Sample Type: whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc.
Throughput: NE32: 32 Samples
                     NE48: 48 Samples
Dispensing volume: 20-1000μL
Fast extraction: 10-30min
Sensitivity: 102 copies sample: positive rate >95% 
Dispensing accuracy: CV<5%
Magnetic beads recovery rate: > 95%
Nucleic acid extraction kit
Size: 32/48/96 tests/kit
Component: 96-well plate, buffer