Classified In:Semi-auto Chemistry
Product Brief:
WP21A is a NEW generation semi-auto chemistry analyzer, one of the best among its kind. The compact analyzer integrates incubators and timers. The large color touch screen and the intuitive software make it more user-friendly. The innovated WP21A brings better user experience for small laboratories and make their daily job much easier.
Product Specifications:
Kinetic, end point, two-point (fixed time), absorbance
7-inch color LCD with touch screen
Built-in 10 incubators and 3 timers
Flow cell and cuvette mode
Real-time display of reaction curve
Substrate depletion detection
Reliable optical system with long life lamp
Light source auto sleep function
ARM series high speed micro CPU
Large data storage ≥10,000 results
Built-in printer
LIS connectivity